How I got Rashed to EAT again

To all parents going through the “one more bite pleaseeeeee” phase… I feel your pain.

I started weaning Rashed at 6 months. It all began with sweet potato and baby rice, from then onwards the list kept growing and growing and then stopped growing all of a sudden. To be honest, after following endless blogs looking for baby-toddler meals, I realised I did not experiment enough with different flavours or textures with Rashed. And boy how much I regret it!

When I look back, I know I should have done more. I wish I mixed his milk with new foods, I wished I added apples to his sweet potato and mixed plums, mint, and tofu for him. I didn’t.

A while ago a cousin of mine, the Emirati version of Gina Ford Maha Bin Hadher-Ford, introduced me to kidsfooduniverse . I scrolled through pages of unusual recipes that would turn any kid into a little foodie.

Kawn, the author of these mouthwatering recipes made me want to completely change my approach and that’s when I started to cook differently.

Rashed was 1 at the time. He was on a diet that consisted of Ella’s breakfast cereal, rice, yogurt and bananas .. more bananas, tangerines and apple munching. He was okay with having fish and ground beef *occasionally* but not chicken. He loved risotto, which was often if not everyday on his plate :).

I tried her falafels, her egg patties, her baby meatballs .. basically 90% of her 12+ recipes.

He had NONE of it. He would spit the food out after the first bite and purse his lips shut. He would then look at me as if on purpose, take a handful of whatever was in-front of him and throw it on the floor (imagine this in slow-motion).

It took everything in me not to scream my lungs out and smack the living bananas out of him.

It upset me, it depressed me and it brought me to tears so often.

However it all changed -a bit- after our recent stay at my parents house for Ramdhan. He started having chicken for a change, he loved pasta with white sauce and biryani with yogurt. I dared to experiment again when we settled back in Newcastle again and have never looked back since.

Watching Rashed finish a whole bowl of pasta with hidden veggie sauce is by far the most rewarding sight EVER. I feel my muscles relax after he has spoonfuls of his food, and I cant help but smile with content when he finishes his meal.

I’ve read enough to know that most babies go through a fussy eating phase. What helped me through this nerve wrecking time was reading other mommy blogs. I would wake up hopeful, looking forward to prepping another meal and if he didnt have it … well it eased the pain a little.

I hope my post does the same to all parents going through this horrific phase.

Here is the recipe of my ultimate favourite sauce, worth trying if you are desperate to have veggies in your little one’s tummy (goes with pasta, meats, rice, pizza etc)

Hidden veggie tomato sauce. A must.must.try

I freeze the sauce for quick meals when I run out of ideas!

To all mothers out there still struggling with their picky eaters, dont you give up! If you do, thats okay too … you can stick to rice and yogurt … it is after all better than nothing .. whatever makes them happy.

P.s It is easier said than done, I know.

P.P.S Breathe

If you are now going or went through this phase, have some tips and tricks, blogs to follow or recipes, do leave a comment. You never know, it could save a mummy’s meal time dilemma.

Until then,







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